4 million text books printed for Syrian students

4 million text books have been sent to temporary training centers located in 22 cities as a part of a project concerning the print of text books for Syrian students carried out by the Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDV) and Ministry of National Education with the support of the RAF relief organization from Qatar.

President of Board of Trustees of Qatari RAF Dr. Ayid El-Kahtani and a delegation accompanying him visited President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez to discuss efforts carried out within the framework of the project.

President Görmez stated that he was pleased with the visit and added that he knew that there are a number of relief organizations in Qatar racing in order to carry out charity work.

“Turkey and Qatar have become a safe haven for the oppressed people during difficult times experienced in our region,” said President of Diyanet Görmez adding that these two countries should carry this service to a higher level.

“These two fellow countries should join forces in order to plant the seeds of goodwill, eliminate all the wickedness surrounding our region and win a victory against evil intention by carrying out relief work,” stated President of Diyanet Prof. Dr. Görmez.

Noting that people should focus on kindness and charity in order to prevent cruelty and evil, President of Diyanet Görmez went on to say:

“Evil prevails when goodness weakens…”

We have been witnessing the hard times that the Muslim ummah is passing through. Throughout history, evil and good compete and race against each other. In this race evil prevails when goodness weakens. It is our duty to let goodness prevail.

“Do not let your charity and donation activities turn into earthly benefit…”

There is an important element that I value most in charity and donation activities. Do not let these turn into an earthly benefit. The Almighty commands, “do not let your charity become worthless by rubbing it into people’s nose, seeking thankfulness and by tormenting. There is a more striking expression about this issue in the verses and it says, “A nice word and forgiveness is more blessed than a charity that follows a bad behavior.”

“Never use and highlight the words of advertisement and propaganda in your donations…”

Words of advertisement and propaganda should never be used or highlighted while carrying out your charity and donation activities. Advertisement is different than announcing. Our holly creator says in the Quran that charities, zakat and similar donations should be carried out secretly. People should be careful not to turn such activities into advertisement and propaganda. I would like to thank your organization for being very careful about this issue

"Education of children should not be neglected while planning aid and benefit projects…"

There are duties we have to fulfill when Syrians come to our country seeking shelter. Needs such as food, health, accommodation and sanitation are all very important but we are obliged to fulfill all of their humanitarian needs. There is something we should not neglect while planning aid and benefit projects and that is the education of Syrian children. We have lost a part of the existing generations but it is highly important to use every means available to help future generations to survive.

During the last part of his speech, President of Diyanet Görmez thanked the Ministry of National Education and stated, “The Ministry does not only deal with our children but also with the education of all Syrian children who have arrived in our country to find shelter.”

Noting that Turkish Diyanet Foundation and Ministry of National Education have been providing education to thousands of Syrian students at schools allocated for the Syrian children, President of Diyanet Görmez said that these two institutions have been making a great effort to educate Syrian children who are living either at or outside the tent cities and they are also ready to involve in all kinds of cooperation with the Qatari relief and aid organizations.

President Görmez stated that Turkish Diyanet Foundation has branch offices in more than 120 countries adding that the foundation is capable of making a division of labor in coordination with RAF organization.

Meanwhile, President of the Board of Trustees of Qatari RAF Dr. Ayid El-Kahtani stated that Qatar and Turkey had always joined forces with Muslims and oppressed people adding that, “All charity and goodwill projects are designed for the oppressed people. Qatar and Turkey are two countries that worked for the oppressed people. Our mission is to spread mercy and grace around the earth. The most important virtue is to show mercy to people. Anything that is done for the benefit of people is the essence of generosity. These are acts of mercy. The essence of all our charity organization work is mercy and grace.

Following the meeting, President Görmez and the Qatari delegation gave books and other presents to 20 Syrian students who were visiting the Presidency of Religious Affairs.

4 million text books with the approximate monetary value 2.5 million dollars have been sent to temporary training centers located in 22 cities of the country.