Acting President of Diyanet Keleş receives Arakan Representative Abdurrahman in Mecca….

Acting President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Dr. Ekrem Keleş received Council of Solidary with the People of Arakan Chairman Selimullah Abdurrahman.

Speaking during the visit that took place at the Diyanet Hajj Administration Center in Mecca, Acting President of Diyanet Keleş expressed his appreciation due to the visit and added, “It is every Muslim’s duty to deal with the problems of victimized people of the world. Muslims should continue to work adamantly in order to end any violence targeting Muslims all over the World and put an end to the misery of Muslims of the World.”

Noting that no Muslim can say, “What do I care” when there is violence all around the world, Acting President of Diyanet Keleş made the following comments;

“No Muslim can say, ‘What do I care’ when there is violence all around the world …”

No Muslim can say, “What do I care” when there is violence all around the world. The problem of the oppressed people is the problem of all Muslims. The problem of victimized people – no matter if he or she is a Muslim or not- is the problem of all Muslims. Our brothers and sisters in Arakan are debarred from most basic rights. They fail to use their right of education and they do not have safety of life and property. Their homes are destroyed and they are forced to immigrate. Thousands of people are killed. It is not possible to remain silent in view of such violence.

Joint declaration on Arakan from 40 Islamic countries…

Diyanet has invited chairmen of Hajj organization teams of Islamic countries for a meeting about Arakan. More than 40 countries have participated in the meeting. One of the purposes of Hajj duty is to deal with the problems of other Muslims in the World.  The main issue of this year was the problems of the Muslims of  Arakan. Representatives of more than 40 Islamic countries came together to make a joint declarations on cruelty committed against Muslims of Arakan.

Noting that they have received detailed information about the situation in the region from Abdurrahman and continue to hold contacts with other officials in Arakan, Acting President of Diyanet Keleş said that Diyanet and the Turkish Diyanet Foundation have been offering its helping hand to the region.

Council of Solidary with Arakan People Chairman Abdurrahman 

Meanwhile, the Council of Solidary with the People of Arakan Chairman Abdurrahman said the Turkish people showed sensitivity to the violence targeting Muslims living in Arakan and this approach has become a tradition since the Ottoman Empire. Noting that Arakan Muslims are subjected to great cruelty, Abdurrahman said the people of Arakan fixed their eyes and hopes on the Turkish people.

“I would like to thank Turkey for showing sensitivity and care to all oppressed people of the World and people of Arakan…”

I would like to thank Turkey for showing sensitivity and care to all the oppressed people of the World and people of Arakan. I also would like to thank Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the sensitivity he displayed about the Arakan question. Turkey had always paid attention to Arakan. Our relations have been continuing for many years. The Arakan question was discussed in the meetings of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and other various different platforms. Arakan which is located at the southwest of Bangladesh has been suffering from different problems in Myanmar for almost 70 years. For almost 50 years, the military government of Burma has been forcing Arakan Muslims to immigrate. Due to pressures which especially escalated in the last decade, the number of Arakan people who immigrated to neighboring countries exceeded three million. Those remain behind in the Arakan border areas are living a prison life. They are allowed to move west. The only gate opened to them is Bangladesh. Even if they want to pass into Bangladesh, they cannot travel comfortably. Approximately five big migration movements to Bangladesh took place in recent years due to increasing pressure. More than three million are exiled in Bangladesh. The people of Arakan who were forced to immigrate to Bangladesh have become a big issue for the country due to limited resources of Bangladesh. Being aware of this fact, Burma continues to force people to immigrate. I would like to thank Bangladesh for supporting us despite their limited resources.

 “Arakan was neglected in the World’s agenda…”

It was the humanitarian aspect of events that took place in Arakan. It also has a political aspect. In terms of politics, the Rohinga question was neglected in the World. Recent incidents started to take place in the World’s agenda. We wanted to find amicable solution in 2005.  A delegation from Turkey has visited the region in order to learn our problems. We want to draw international community’s attention to the problems of Arakan. We can say that the Islamic World has turned into an international force under the leadership of Turkey. This unity formed under the leadership of Muslim countries began to play an important role in the solution of these problems.

 “Since the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has been embracing all oppressed people…”

I would like to thank all the Turkish people. We always have the opportunity to meet with the members of international organizations and civil society organizations during meetings held in various different parts of the World. We know that the Turkish society undertakes important roles in many different international problems. Turkey inherited this tradition from the Ottoman Empire. We know that you have been embracing oppressed people.

“Our eyes and hopes are tied on the Turkish nation…”

We expect that Turkish people will be on our side about our issues and solutions of the Arakan question in the future. It is not possible to neglect the support of the Turkish people. Our eyes and hopes are fixed on the Turkish nation. I would like to thank all the people of Turkish.