Diyanet Publishes Quran in Samoan…

The Presidency of Religious Affairs published a Samoan Translation of the Holy Quran upon request by the Muslims living in the Pacific country of Samoa.
Samoa Muslims’ Association Representative Mohommad Irfan Ahmed, who attended the “1st Summit for Religious Leaders in Asian and Pacific Countries” held by the Presidency of Religious Affairs in 13-16 October 2015, sought assistance from Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez the President of Religious Affairs to publish the Holy Quran Translation they had prepared in Samoan and ship it to their country. President Görmez promised him they would grant their request and launched efforts for Holy Quran Translation in Samoan.
Upon President Görmez’s promise to Samoa Muslims’ Association Representative Mohommad İrfan Ahmed, a Samoan Holy Quran Translation was published with a total number of two thousand copies in medium and small sizes as a result of the cooperation between the General Directorate of Foreign Relations and the General Directorate of Religious Publications.
Translated Holy Quran copies that Samoan Muslims eagerly await will be shipped to Samoa in the upcoming days.