Diyanet VP Özafşar speaks about the coup attempt…

Vice President of Religious Affair Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Özafşar made comments about the FETO/PDY coup attempt on the night of July 15 and subsequent developments on “Gündeme Dair” live on TRT Diyanet.
Vice President Özafşar said Turkey is going through significant days, “offering his sympathy” to the Turkish nation. “I’d like to offer my sympathy to our nation, to Turkey’s elected government, to the President, to the National Assembly, to our Chief of General Staff, to our armed forces, and to our Police Force. I wish Allah’s mercy upon our martyrs and a quick recovery to the veterans,” he said.
Özafşar highlighted that the night of July 15 was the longest and worrisome but also the most honorable and proudest night of our nation. He then added, “At a night when there was anxiety and fear, we also saw how the courage, nobility and bravery that makes a nation manifested themselves. Thank Allah that our nation protected its rule of law.”
Özafşar pointed out that a coup d’état means obstructing the rule of law and restricting liberties and underlined the following points on the program:
“The coup attempt failed thanks to our nation’s strong and persevering attitude…”
A coup d’état is not something that works in favor of the country. They are the symbol of tears, pain, and sorrow. They are the symbol of obstructing the rule of law, oppression, and violence. It is an attempt by FETO/PYD extensions in the army to first take it over by taking the command echelon hostage and tearing down its chain of command, and then seizing power by overthrowing the elected government de jure to change the constitutional regime. It is an unlawful attempt. Thank Allah it failed and came to nothing. It failed thanks to the strong and persevering stance of our nation and armed forces, the decisive attitude of the government, and the nation’s courage.
“Profound common sense, courage, foresight and valor of Turkish Nation should be highlighted…”
Profound common sense, courage, foresight and valor of Turkish Nation should be highlighted. The role of elements that served as spiritual guidance to our nation throughout history should not be overlooked among the values that constitute the character of our nation. This noble nation of ours always did its duty throughout history everywhere for the nation’s survival, for the religion, for the state, for the peace and quietude of the country. Just like during the War of Independence, while founding the National Assembly or proclaiming a new Republic, the nation’s spiritual guides did their part again when it came to protecting the nation’s will and law, reminding the country of its own values and standing with them once again. In his statement that day, our President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez overemphasized that protecting the nation’s law was the highest religious duty; that overthrowing the legal government and the constitutional regime using force and violence was utterly unacceptable. At the same time, our entire organization stepped into action and discussed how we could stand with the nation in this terrible situation; then came an idea of using mosques and minarets that represent the nation’s conscience as an intermediary element to encourage people to protect their law without resorting to violence and risking people’s lives. Thankfully, our religious officials, muftis, imams, and our entire organization who acted as the nation’s spiritual guides stood together with the nation during the whole period, on the longest nightmare of a night in our recent history when violence and anxiety reached a peak while pride and honor also climaxed and national pride reared up.
“The sala is a symbolic element that reminded us of absolute freedom throughout history…”
During the course of history, the sala has been a symbolic element that reminded us of eternity, Allah, and hence absolute freedom. It mentions the name of our Beloved Prophet and makes us feel his spirituality. Therefore, when people hear the sala, the spiritual jubilation comes alive inside. The passion to protect their freedom, independence, and law reaches a peak. From the moment the sound of sala was heard from minarets, our nation mobilized to protect the rule of law, to protect the national assembly that represents the national will granted to them by the constitution, to protect the legal government, to ensure constitutional order, to protect the public order, to protect the liberties and to protect these basic and timeless values. The salas had such a spiritual and conscientious impact on that night. So it has a symbolic meaning.
“Undemocratic and non-transparent organizations that give no account can always be subject to exploitation…”
Our nation has a high sense of religion. Therefore, they can fall prey to abuse of religion very easily. What I mean by that is, there are many very innocent and genuine people in these organizations who sacrifice their fortune. They have a high sense of charity and religion and want to protect their children from certain deceptions of the world. They want them to have good manners and morals. They want them to be well-educated. And they send their children to organizations that offer the similar things which was the case here. Most of those kids were deceived, tricked or exploited. Today, we are paying the price as the society. It is everyone’s responsibility here. Therefore, people should not hand neither their sons nor their conscience or their money over to organizations that have no legality, that are non-transparent, that cannot be inspected, that give no account for what they do. These organizations can always be subject to exploitation. We must raise our awareness against that as a society.
“Turkey is unique in the Islamic World…”
Turkey has caught up with modern times, brought itself up to date and reached a certain level in education, production, institutionalization, and integration with the world. It seems that there are people who want Turkey to be a third world country, to have an unstable government with no certain future whatsoever, to have a repressive, totalitarian atmosphere instead of national will that allows the people to govern themselves so that it can be easier to directly control the country. But it contrasts the history and character of Anatolian people and the courage and performance they delivered in the 20th century. Turkey is a civilized country. Turkey established a constitutional order. The national will is represented in the parliament in Turkey. National will is the sole address of political legitimacy and social legitimacy in Turkey. These are certified values that constitute a nation. So, the constitution to be made out of this will is the defining factor. The constitutional organizations adopted and assigned by the constitution get their legitimacy from the constitution and from the nation. To change it now means rewinding it back and taking Turkey backwards. It means turning Turkey into an old world country ruled by secret society members, junta members, and interest networks. Our nation will never allow it.