President of Religious Affairs Görmez received Ambassador of Thailand to Ankara Chirapant

President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez received Ambassador of Thailand to Ankara, Suvat Chirapant Receiving Thailand’s new Ambassador in Ankara who paid a courtesy visit on the occasion of starting his new post, President of Religious Affairs Görmez wished Ambassador Suvat Chirapant success and wished him blessings.

Expressing his pleasure over this visit, President of Diyanet Görmez stated that important progress has been achieved in reinforcing relations with Muslim communities and religious organizations in Thailand. President Görmez said that about 40 students from Thailand received theology education in Turkey with the support of the Turkish Diyanet Foundation adding that these students will play an important role in maintaining stronger relations between the two countries.

Noting the tough period that the Islamic world is going through, President of Diyanet Görmez said that defective ideas should not be transferred to the Muslims in Thailand. “The Islamic world has been experiencing one of the toughest periods of its history. Defective ideas about religion might emerge during the times of crisis. These ideas should not be transferred to Muslims living in countries far away such as Thailand. These ideas will not rise if Muslims hold on to their own traditions and maintain a high level of education. I believe that we can cooperate in providing very important services in terms of religious education and publications. Especially, producing correct religion information has become an important mission of our century. There is a need for correct information that will allow us to support and reinforce the morals and law of living together which is inherited from Islam. Thailand is a country that has achieved peaceful coexistence with other religions and cultures for so long. This should be reinforced,” stated Görmez.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Chirapant said that he was happy to meet with President of Diyanet Görmez and added that he had brought the greetings of Muslims in Thailand.

Noting that he had carried out missions as a part of reinforcing relations between Turkey and Thailand in the past, Ambassador Chirapant said that Shaykh al-islam of Thailand and Muslims in Thailand are grateful for scholarships offered by the Turkish Diyanet Foundation for Thai students. 

Ambassador Chirapant invited Görmez to visit Thailand.