Press Statement...

In view of a flood of reactions conveyed to the Office of the President of Diyanet against a character in a new TV serial called the “false imam” which is being aired on a TV channel it has become necessary to issue the following statement.

The character depicted in the TV serial as the “false imam” has deeply hurt all our religious officials who have social respectability. We believed that such scenarios were left in the past yet it is impossible for us to approve typecasting that defames the Islamic robe and the turban worn by the imams and the values that these attires stand for.

We have no doubt that all those concerned led by the executives of the TV channel will show the necessary sensitivity against the typecasting that falsifies the true role and place of the imams in the social world. The bitter experiences of the past are still fresh in the minds. In the lightest terms we would like to regard the latest incident as a result of lack of attention and carelessness that amounts to fall in the high level of respect shown to religious values by our media in recent times.

We would like to wish that after this statement a new awareness is established that avoids references that erode the value of our Prophet and other persons of social respectability.

We respectfully bring the issue to the attention of our public.

Repuplic of Turkey Presidency of Religious Affairs

Office of Press and Public Relations