Registration Opens for Diyanet Preschool

Registration opened for Reyyan Private Preschool of the Presidency of Religious Affairs. Parents can register their children in the 3-6 age group until September 9.
Founded with a joint project of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, Reyyan Private Preschool is getting ready for the new school year set to start on September 19. Registration opened for the school which will serve children aged 3 to 6. Located in the Presidency of Religious Affairs campus on Eskişehir Road, the preschool will provide classes like the Holy Quran as well as sharing, etiquette, good manners under value training. Drama, visual arts, and music classes will also be taught.
Students to be guided based on talent…
Students will be under observation for 2 months by expert educators. Later, each student will be guided to a workshop based on their talent. The school will have workshops that will highlight the kids’ talents and accomplishments such as attention reinforcement, cuisine, nature, tales, notes, alley of dreams, science, crafts, mind and intelligence games, English, and Arabic workshops.
Emergency scenario training…
A training titled “Emergency Scenario Training” will be provided for children at Diyanet Preschool. It will include instructive classes teaching children what to do in emergency situations like “You forgot the key at home, what do you do?”, “You lost your parents at the shopping mall, what do you do?”, “You have wandered away from your house or neighborhood, what do you do?”
“Kids will learn by ‘practice and experience’”
Education Coordinator Kadriye Arberk stated that they are ready for the school year with kid-friendly classrooms and a place offering freedom where each area can be used interactively. Saying they act with the knowledge that each child has a different disposition, Arberk added, “We at Reyyan Preschool plan to raise happy and sensitive children and generations that ask questions, analyze things, have handicraft, possess a high perception of attention who are free, student-oriented, and who evaluate their emotions within the frame of mind and reason. Our children will discover their skills by ‘learning by practice and experience’ methods.”
Reyyan Private Preschool opened its doors to children aged 3-11 on July 18 and students had education for a month at summer school. Those who want to enroll for the new school year can apply at Reyyan Private Preschool inside Presidency of Religious Affairs Headquarters.
In addition to monitoring psycho-social, emotional, and cognitive developments, supporting positive personality developments, and improving social skills, the school will also have guidance services for parents. In that context, parents’ seminars, parents’ meetings, parents’ visits, a parent-teacher meeting twice a year, and individual meetings will be held.