Statement of President of Diyanet Görmez regarding the terrorist attack at Ortaköy

Our nation has been deeply hurt with the brutal armed attack in the early hours of the New Year against defenseless people. This is savagery, terrorism, murder and massacre.

There is no difference between an inhuman attack on an entertainment venue or a market place or a sacred temple. The target of the terrorists is not the venue but the people, the country, the nation and all humanity. Terrorism is unacceptable in any form and in any pretext.

The only difference between this latest terrorist incident and others is that it has been designed to create sedition among people with different lifestyles and trigger divisions among them.

This is the time to lock arms as a nation and display solidarity against all forms of terrorism.

We strongly condemn those who perpetrated this massacre that cannot be accepted by any Muslim and wish benediction from Almighty Allah for those who lost their lives and a speedy recovery for the wounded.

We wish condolences to our beloved nation.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez

President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet)