Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez
Prof. Dr. MEHMET GÖRMEZ (11.11.2010-..)

He was born in Nizip in the province of Gaziantep on January 1, 1959. He finished his elementary education in Nizip and secondary education in Gaziantep.

He began his higher education at Ankara University Faculty of Theology in 1983.

He completed his higher education in 1987 and started doing a master’s degree in Hadith Basic Science branch at the department of Fundamental Islamic Studies at Ankara University Faculty of Theology.

He held several posts at the Presidency of Religious affairs in Kırıkkale and Ankara.

In 1988 he carried out research for one year at Cairo University with a Ministry of National Education sponsorship.

In 1990 he finished his master’s degree with his thesis entitled “The life, thoughts and works of Musa Carullah Bigiyef”.

He started to attend his Ph.D. program in 1990 and in 1995 he fulfilled the requirements of this program with his thesis entitled “The Issue of Methodology in Understanding and Interpreting the Sunnah and Hadith”.

His Ph.D. thesis won the first prize issued by the Turkish Religious Foundation in the field of Islamic Researches.

He lectured at Ahmed Yesevi University Faculty of Theology from 1995 to 1997.

He was assigned to prepare the program of a two-year degree at Anadolu University Faculty of Theology.

From 1997 to 1998 he lived in the United Kingdom for research.

He won the title of Assistant Professor in 1998, Associate Professor in 1999 and professor in 2006.

From 2001 to 2003 he lectured at Hacettepe University Faculty of Education.

He was appointed as Vice President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs in 13.08 2003 and as President of Religious Affairs in 11.11.2010.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez who has numerous published works, is married and father of three children and speaks Arabic and English.


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