The message of the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş for March 8, International Women’s Day

The message of the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş for March 8, International Women’s Day

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

According to our supreme religion Islam, human is a creature who is valuable, honorable and reverend. The objection of man and woman’s being on earth is to obey Allah and exert efforts to make benevolence dominate in the world by having mercy for the created ones. Therefore, there is no difference between a man and a woman in terms of the goal of creation, being a servant to the Almighty Allah (swt) and the responsibility of theirs in the earth. In this respect the only criteria, which were determined by the Almighty Allah (swt), is to be loyal to Allah (swt) in respect and to have taqwa (piety) which means to meet His criteria duly.

As a matter of fact that with Qur’an being hauled down and with the dedicated challenge of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), the understanding of the age of ignorance which deemed inhuman treatment proper against women and especially girls was eliminated and a society and civilization in which the best examples of human virtues are made and moral and legal values ​​are dominant were built.

In his Farewell sermon when he announced all over the earth the universal messages of him that illuminate the horizons of the humanity, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) clearly declared to all Muslims as a responsibility and humanity as a criteria to protect the women’s rights, to be beware of Allah (swt) on this matter, and that women and men are required to respect each other’s rights. The call of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) which appreciates the honor and rights of women and his sunnah al-saniyyah which was shaped with the unique guidance of revelation and is full of kindness, grace, justice, and mercy are the most ideal and universal models for every period in history.

Unfortunately, today, violence that has reached to a level to treat all the humanity regardless of religion, language, race, geography, and social status affects our women the most.  This situation that damages the human dignity reveals that the understanding of ignorance cannot be deemed only to an age but the mindset.

I have to express with a great sorrow that the images of violence against women that we, as the members of a great civilization that is based on morality and law, and compassion and mercy, have been witnessing in our society hurt consciences of every class. It is apparent that these inhumanely behaviors that embarrass every clauses of ethics and goodness can never have any justification or excuse.

I must emphasize with great significance that today, men and women shall build a more peaceful life together as the individuals who support and complement each other. And in order for this, as our religion emphasizes with great significance, it is very important to deem love, affection and compassion dominate in the family and the society, and to prioritize mutual respect and understanding especially in the communication between the spouses.

Because it is required by our faith that we as Muslims need to spend every day with a sense of justice, mercy and responsibility towards women, each other, the environment and all of the created.

In this context, it is a non-ignorable responsibility of everyone to materialize all their responsibilities that fall upon them with a great devotion in order for the violence to be eliminated with all its aspects, for the human dignity to be protected and for the justice and mercy to dominate first in the hearts and later all over the earth.

In this respect, I wish that “March 8, International Women’s Day” shall be a hope to numerous women who have been victimized by wars, violence and discrimination. And I wish this day conduces to an effective awareness on women’s value and their fundamental humanitarian rights and a global dominance of compassion and mercy.

Prof. Dr. Ali ERBAŞ

The President of Religious Affairs