The message of the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş for March 8, International Women’s Day

The message of the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş for March 8, International Women’s Day

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

According to our exalted religion Islam, each person inherently has fundamental rights and freedoms. Woman and man were equated in terms of servitude and rights and both complemented each other by being equipped with different qualifications.

For this reason, all prophets from the Prophet Adam fought against understandings marginalizing, insulting people and trampling on their honour and dignity. The religion of Islam, which carried out greatest moral and legal revolution with regard to person, society and humanity, gave the women the value they deserve and banned discriminative and unjust practices against them. It rejected all kinds of thoughts, belief, traditions and customs that encourage violence against women with its merciful messages.

Our Beloved Prophet (saw) clearly stated in the Farewell Sermon, which is a declaration of human rights, as a distinctive feature for humanity that we should protect the rights of women, conform to the standards that Allah (swt) established in this respect, and women and men should abide by rights of each other.

Today, unfortunately, there are nonrecoverable destructions in many parts of the world, many people are unjustly being killed, and cities, civilizations, cultures, human values are being destroyed by wars. Women and children are grievously pay the price for spiral of violence that becomes threatening all humanity without any discrimination and persecution that is experienced as a result of meaningless ambitions of human beings.

For this reason, it is our joint responsibility to give effort for mercy to prevail in the hearts and justice, right and truth to prevail on the earth and to fight against all kinds of formations, approaches and understandings that damage human dignity.

In this respect, I wish that “March 8, International Women’s Day” will conduce to a sensitivity evoking the consciences, the solution of all problems in this fields, and a hope for many women that have been victimized by war, violence, poverty and deprivation.


Prof. Dr. Ali ERBAŞ

President of Religious Affairs