Message for Lailat al-Bara’ah from the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş

Message for Lailat al-Bara’ah from the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Inshallah, we shall comprehend the Lailat al-Bara’ah in which eternal compassion, forgiveness and mercy of Almighty Allah (swt) are manifested on the earth altogether tonight.

Lailat al-Bara’ah, which is the herald of Ramadan, is a night of review in order to avoid mistakes by restraining endless desires of fleeting life and redeem the sins. It is the nights to turning to deeds that earn us Allah’s (swt) mercy by straightening up our attitude and behaviours with the comprehension of our reason for existence and goal of creation.  This night is an important occasion to be honoured by Allah’s (swt) exalted forgiveness by seeking refuge in endless mercy of the Almighty Allah (swt).

Forgiveness and remission, compassion and mercy of the Almighty Allah (swt) undoubtedly surround all living creatures. However, Bara’ah of each person depends on his/her intention and his/her destiny is hidden in his/her effort. Moving away from all kinds of problems which darken our heart, gripe our soul and make our life harder, fulfilling our responsibilities of servitude with complete worship and sincerity, determining direction for our future and providing salvation, Bara’ah, from eternal punishment are in our hands. We must make this night as a new milestone for our salvation and moral ascension.

We must be in an endeavour to end the evil which surrounds the world and for benevolence and goodness to surround all the humanity as much as we want to redeem our own sins and mistakes. We must be in an endeavour to bring all humanity, particularly our nation and unity of Ummah together on the axis of truth, justice and mercy. Since, humanity, which is faced with the risk of drowning in the vortex of loneliness in a world where individual drifts cause social fractures, struggles for existence in the mangle of crisis, wars and depressions, is in need of a solution and a way of salvation. In a time that incidents threatening unity, solidarity, family ties, social tranquillity and peace and all kinds of violence are being experienced, Lailat al-Bara’ah gives the opportunity for people to face themselves and to be closer to the Almighty Allah (swt) by redeeming sins with repentance and           praying for forgiveness and it paves the way for a better future.

Tonight, let us pray to Allah (swt), who says, “and who do whatever ˹good˺ they do with their hearts fearful, ˹knowing˺ that they will return to their Lord,” in tears of regret. Let us seek refuge in exalted forgiveness of the Almighty Allah (swt) from our hearts with the supplication, “Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If You do not forgive us and have mercy on us, we will certainly be losers.” We know from the message of our Beloved Prophet that Allah the Exalted will accept the sincere du’as to be faithfully made and will forgive those who seek forgiveness tonight.

On this occasion, I congratulate blessed Lailat al-Bara’ah of our nation and all Islamic World. I wish that Lailat al-Bara’ah will be a candle for our bored hearts and depressed minds. May the Almighty Allah (swt) keep our nation and humanity away from all kinds of grief on the occasion of this blessed night, and let us reach Ramadan with the hearts which were redeemed the burdens of sin.

Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş

President Presidency of Religious Affairs